AppSec Is Dead, but Software Security Is Alive & Well

Everyone agrees that an enterprise's application ecosystem must be protected, especially when data breaches are reported with alarming frequency and the average total cost of a breach comes in at $3.62 million. However, defeating increasingly severe threats requires a holistic approach to security, one that places an emphasis on managing not only application vulnerabilities but all software exposure. In fact, the term "application security" should drop from every organization's vocabulary and be replaced with the broader term "software security." Software serves as the backbone to much of the digital transformation taking place within organizations today, which is why it's time for CIOs, security leaders, and DevOps team leaders to come together and plan for an evolution in the approach to securing software. Mobile, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), microservices, and artificial intelligence have made software more complex. However, for most organizations the emphasis remains on speed over security, rather than building security into the DevOps process. Traditional security approaches have slowed the speed of development in the past, which is why developers may focus less on security requirements that required that they check off specific steps before resuming coding activities. Greater complexity requires a more holistic approach to software security, without compromising the need to deliver at the speed of DevOps. Read more in this DarkReading article to learn why application security must be re-envisioned to support software security.
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