Business Benefits of Buying Your Application Security Solution on AWS Marketplace

The rise of cloud technology has revolutionized the way we think about software and how organizations buy it. Long procurement cycles are a thing of the past as businesses and Public Sector organizations need flexibility, fast implementation, and rapid ROI from solutions providers who are certified experts at working with their chosen cloud provider. In a world where new technology requirements can arise overnight and organizations need to carefully manage budgets to maximize impact, having a fast, efficient solutions procurement route is a huge advantage.

AWS Marketplace Simplifies Procurement of Trusted Third-Party Solutions

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue that simplifies the discovery, testing, procurement, and deployment of trusted third-party solutions that run on AWS. When organizations buy through AWS Marketplace, they can be confident that the solutions selected are endorsed by AWS and integrate seamlessly with its tools and environment. Nowhere is this confidence more critical than in the security space, and that is why Checkmarx offers our application security testing (AST) solutions on AWS Marketplace. By combining the baked-in security of AWS cloud with our market-leading AST offerings and developer education solutions embedded directly into the CI/CD pipeline, organizations elevate their security posture to ensure the compliance of applications running in the AWS cloud.

New Checkmarx Public Offer Available on AWS Marketplace

When buying Checkmarx through the AWS Marketplace, there are different options to suit the organization’s preferred procurement process. The CxCodebashing AppSec awareness solution has been available as a public offer for some time. Many organizations choose to improve their developer skillset through its just-in-time learning approach, helping them fix vulnerabilities in security scans. Now Checkmarx has added a comprehensive public offer that includes CxSAST, CxSCA, Checkmarx hosting, and two days of professional services support delivered remotely by its application security experts. This package gives organizations all they need to power their AppSec program and ensure rapid time-to-value from their investment. Customers can also purchase CxSAST, CxIAST, CxSCA, and CxCodebashing through a Marketplace Private Offer to get a tailored solution that matches their objectives. The private offer process for quoting, acceptance, and deployment simplifies the purchasing process into just a few clicks.

Buying Through AWS Marketplace to Accelerate your AppSec Program

The advantages of procuring through AWS Marketplace go far beyond simply knowing that you are getting a certified, trusted third-party solution. There are big budgeting and process bonuses too:
  • Streamline approvals: Third parties on AWS Marketplace leverage customers’ existing relationships with AWS to make procurement fast and friction-free. Quotes generated on AWS appear directly in their account and can be accepted in a single click, with legal agreements attached, so teams can get up and running faster.
  • Simplified billing and spending review: all billing is a line item on the customer’s AWS invoice. They don’t have to set up a new supplier, and they have complete visibility over their spending in a single location.
  • Use AWS committed spend to invest in application security testing: It’s common for organizations to have multi-year enterprise discount program (EDP) commitments with AWS that have set timeframes for specific expenditure levels. So, teams looking for an application security solution can retire 50% of their investment in Checkmarx against their committed spending.
  • Unlock budgets during financial uncertainty: The option to procure Checkmarx using allocated AWS spend makes for an easier conversation with cost-conscious finance departments. Best-in-class application security protects that business against the financial and reputational impacts of a cybersecurity breach or compliance failure, and cost-effective procurement to utilize pre-allocated spend minimizes objections.
  • Work with consulting partners: if the organization has a preferred consulting partner, they don’t need to change their work; the partner can procure Checkmarx on the customer’s behalf.
  • Benefit from custom terms and pricing: We know that application security is not a one-size-fits-all deal. That’s why our private offer can deliver custom terms where required, and we offer flexible options like multi-year contracts.
These advantages help organizations rapidly procure and deploy the best AST solution for their organization so quickly glean value and achieve ROI. In today’s high-risk cybersecurity environment, when new threats emerge every day, the ability to swiftly secure software is paramount to success.

Checkmarx and AWS – a Partnership of Shared Values

Checkmarx has a well-established partnership with AWS, recognizing the value that the two organizations can jointly deliver to customers. Checkmarx is an AWS Advanced Program Network Partner and is the only AppSec solution vendor to earn AWS Security Competency and AWS DevOps Competency status. Additionally, Public Sector organizations can also procure Checkmarx through AWS Marketplace as we are a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. We base our ongoing investment in the partnership and shared philosophy with AWS on the knowledge that our two organizations are better together and 100% focused on helping customers scale by innovating and building secure software faster.

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