Celebrating Excellence: Checkmarx Americas Partner Summit 2023 Awards 

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August 3, 2023

Empowering Growth, Channel Expansion, and Business Excellence

We just returned from the 2023 Americas Partner Summit in Chicago, and — let’s just say — the Windy City did not disappoint!

The 2022 Americas Partner Summit in Miami set the bar high, but Chicago proved to bring the same energy and excitement. From July 26 – 28, we bonded and celebrated the spirit of partnership, collaboration, and cybersecurity excellence. With a focus on making shift happen in the application security landscape, we discussed how to boost growth, we shared valuable insights, and we developed exciting opportunities with our valued partners.  

Honoring Our Top AppSec Partners 

Partners, the true heart of the event, were honored for their achievements and excellence in AppSec. Through their dedication, vision, and expertise, these partners have contributed to the collective success of numerous organizations, bolstering the security of software and application development across the Americas market.  

Let’s shine the spotlight on those who have raised the bar and inspired us with their exceptional performance: 

Top certifications award — NOVA8  

Nova8 is a leading cybersecurity expert from Brazil that is celebrated for its coveted certifications. It’s a reflection of their relentless commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and practices. The highly skilled team empowers organizations with fortified security and visionary expertise. 

Top customer retention award — GUIDEPOINT SECURITY     

Guidepoint Security‘s outstanding customer retention strategies exemplify their dedication to nurturing lasting partnerships. They specialize in delivering unmatched support, services, and solutions that resonate with customers across the United States. 

Top Checkmarx One award (tie) — ACCENTURE  

Accenture, a global powerhouse, achieves the prestigious Top Checkmarx One Award, embodying their mission to transform businesses with the comprehensive Checkmarx One™ Application Security Platform. Their expertise lies in elevating organizations to the pinnacle of secure software development and digital transformation. 

Top Checkmarx One award (tie) — LUGAPEL 

Lugapel, an influential cybersecurity leader covering Latin America (excluding Brazil and Mexico), is recognized for exceptional work in driving the adoption of Checkmarx One across the region. They are instrumental in fortifying Latin American organizations against cyber threats. 

Best marketing award — TD SYNNEX PUBLIC SECTOR (USA)  

TD SYNNEX Public Sector sets the gold standard in marketing excellence, reaching a niche audience with innovative campaigns. Their mission revolves around empowering public sector entities with secure and reliable solutions. Biweekly marketing calls with their team help us develop and execute an integrated, ABM marketing plan targeting federal buyers. Marketing activities include virtual and face-to-face events, email and call campaigns, content creation and syndication, social media, and podcasts. 

Outstanding partner achievement award — NOVA8  

Nova8‘s outstanding achievements go above and beyond, aligning seamlessly with the Checkmarx mission to secure the software development landscape. As a trusted partner from Brazil, they have empowered businesses with visionary solutions and unwavering support. 

Overall performance award  — OPTIV  

Optiv, a USA dynamo, earned our highest honor: the Overall Performance Award, showcasing their full dedication to application security excellence and best practices. They transform security challenges into opportunities for business growth and success. 

The Future  

The outstanding achievements of our partners leave a lasting legacy in the application security landscape. As we continue to make shift happen and build a stronger channel ecosystem with MSSPs, GSIs, VARs, VADs, Tech Alliances, and more, we look forward to new possibilities with all our partners, whether they are established or new. 


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