Celebrating Partner Success — Honoring Those Who Went Above and Beyond in 2022

An image of a trophy depicts the 2022 Checkmarx EU Partner Awards

Following the success of our European Partner Summit in Tenerife last year, we returned to the Canary Islands again this year for our 2023 Summit, which ran from April 19 – 21.  The summit was held in Gran Canaria, one of the most popular destinations in the Canary Islands, with a packed two-day agenda aimed at enabling our partners to grow their businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Partners got the chance to enhance their industry knowledge, hear about advanced sales tools, and gain insights into our future Checkmarx One™ platform expansion plans. They also got the lowdown on worldwide cybersecurity trends and heard from the Checkmarx global leadership team.

There was also a stream on the Checkmarx Partner Enablement Program showcasing our partner toolkit as well as providing an interactive Q&A session with our leadership team.  And most important, it gave us the opportunity to celebrate partner success.

Here at Checkmarx, we are passionate about rewarding partners who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, helping their customers improve the security of the software and code they develop. To recognize these achievements, we held our award ceremony to show our deep appreciation for the vital role our partners play in our success and, more important, the enormous value they create for customers who adopt Checkmarx One, the industry’s most comprehensive AppSec platform.

In the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a wealth of achievements by partners showing how creative, determined, and committed they are. Partners have helped our customers not only secure their software development environments but also transform their businesses for future success, confident that their applications are secure.

With the EMEA region being 100% channel-focused, we know how important our partners are to our growth and success. They help us to better support our customers by identifying the specific challenges they face in different countries and unique business environments. Partners are also critically important in the DevSecOps community, and they deliver vital technical support in local territories and languages.

Our awards ceremony also celebrates the support and close collaboration achieved by leading Checkmarx partners across EMEA. This year’s winners were selected from our roster of partners based upon:


      • Their collaboration with Checkmarx and our customers

      • The high standards of technology and support they offer

      • Their overall commitment to increasing security awareness and providing solutions that directly address secure software development and digital transformation

    Every partner should be applauded for their achievements in 2022, however this year’s winners have exceeded our expectations, going above and beyond the call of duty. Congratulations to the winners listed below — this recognition is very well deserved!

    Five partners are named as winners of the 2022 Checkmarx EU Partner Awards


    Top New Business Partner — 2BSecure (Israel) 

    A leading cybersecurity managed service provider, 2BSecure is a relatively new Checkmarx partner that, in less than one year, has secured over a dozen new customers with a strong and established presence in Israel’s public sector.

    Best Customer Retention — IMQ Minded Security (Italy)

    With a focus on building secure products and services, Minded Security is an established Checkmarx partner that in 2022 achieved the highest overall customer satisfaction rating in Europe and rated extremely high with native Italian customers.  

    Best Marketing Program — Cert2Connect (The Netherlands)

    Cyber and cloud security specialist Cert2Connect has partnered with Checkmarx for over a decade. Always proactive, Cert2Connect ran multiple campaigns and webinars to accelerate joint pipeline and new business opportunities in 2022.

    Best Technology Partner — AWS (EMEA)

    A key technology and innovation partner, AWS worked closely with Checkmarx in 2022 on numerous joint customer initiatives to improve the security of applications in the cloud.

    Top Checkmarx ONE Partner — Serma Safety & Security (France)

    With a focus on the safety and security of information systems, embedded systems, and IoT, Serma has really embraced Checkmarx One, achieving the highest sales across Europe.

    Find a partner to power your success

    For organizations on their own journey of digital transformation, finding the right partner is essential to ensure you can innovate rapidly, without compromising on quality, security, or reliability.

    To accelerate the speed of your organization’s journey and improve the chances of rapid success, we recommend looking for partners like our winning partners above. These partners have demonstrated their high-level expertise and technical talent, as well as their commitment to outstanding customer service and a deep understanding of the common challenges that organizations face. We recommend finding a Checkmarx partner with experience in your sector who can provide the expertise needed to help you successfully meet your goals.

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