Checkmarx Channel Partners Kick Off 2022 with Best-In-Class MDF Program

Checkmarx channel partners are in pole position to pick up the pace and build sustainable revenue in 2022 with the launch of our game-changing new Market Development Funds (MDF) program.

This post explores the role of MDF in channel marketing and what makes the new Checkmarx program so exceptional.

Checkmarx always goes the extra mile to build modern application security testing solutions that push the boundaries of code-scanning and set new standards for the industry. We take the same approach to everything we do, which includes enabling our global channel partner ecosystem to build fast-growth revenue pipelines and sustainable business models for long-term success.

Our Checkmarx channel ecosystem is fundamental to our growth.  As such we have overhauled our value proposition and we are excited to launch our new Checkmarx MDF program, designed to accelerate partner enablement - working closely with our in-house marketing experts - to devise and deliver high-impact marketing campaigns. These will generate fast, measurable return on investment and ensure that our partners are powerfully placed to capitalize on the incredible market opportunity in the AppSec space.

What is MDF, What Does it Achieve and Why is the Checkmarx MDF Program Unique?

MDF programs have been a pillar of vendors’ channel marketing programs for decades. At a basic level, MDF are funds made available by vendors to help partners sell their products through marketing activities financed by the fund. These activities are tracked and evaluated to determine return on investment with the goal of achieving optimal business outcomes for both partner and vendor. Used well, MDF programs help partners and vendors grow market share by delivering hot leads and commercial opportunities as part of a strategic growth program.

Operating an MDF program requires commitment from both vendor and partner. Too often, MDF programs without a strong strategy, policies and processes in place become ineffective. They end up as a basic transfer of funds for poorly planned and ineffective activities that don’t deliver the desired results for either party. This is particularly the case when a vendor adopts a one-size-fits-all approach, instead of tailoring its offering to the in-house capabilities and strategic objectives of each partner.  Of course, we have campaigns-in-a-box that we can offer partners, but it is about working closely with each partner to determine the best strategy and approach.

At Checkmarx, we know that each partner has unique positioning in its target market, differing sales cycles, and different levels of in-house resources. This is why we’ve designed our MDF program with the flexibility to cover each different partner’s go-to-market strategy and strengthen their brand recognition in the target market.

The Checkmarx MDF program difference includes:

  • Marketing-as-a-Service: for partners with limited in-house marketing resources. Grow your business with our marketing support, drawing on our in-house experts and ready-made digital campaigns that are easily tailored to meet your specific objectives.
  • Campaign-in-a-box: access complete multi-stage campaigns that are creatively designed to nurture prospects from top of funnel to deal-ready.
  • Powerful lead-gen programs: programs based on compelling content such as webinars and podcasts featuring industry analysts that position partners as credible, trusted AppSec experts.
  • Customized campaigns: work with Checkmarx to design and build tailored assets and delivery schedules that resonate with your target market.

What else makes a winning MDF Program?

Another common criticism of MDF programs is that they are complicated and time-consuming for partners to administer. This is where simple program structure, clear policies, and defined processes are essential, alongside an energetic vendor team and a straightforward tracking and measurement system.

Checkmarx has strongly invested in its channel team, adding experienced personnel. Supporting them is a consistent structure with templates for MDF plan submissions and approvals, ROI forecasts, performance measurement and payment receipts. This is underpinned by an SLA-backed commitment to responsiveness that means partners won’t be left waiting to find out whether programs are approved or when they will receive payments.

We have automated as much as possible to remove the administrative burden of engaging with MDF and allow partners to focus on the program goals, rather than the process itself. You can find out more about how to get on board with Checkmarx MDF here.

ROI measurement and tracking  

Tracking and measuring partner success helps all parties understand the effectiveness of the MDF program. ROI is measured with a simple calculation:

Ultimately, MDF activities should not be undertaken on an ad hoc basis, but instead as a sustained, long-term process aimed at partner enablement, generating a real, sustained shift in market penetration and growth. This means putting effort into monitoring and evaluation.

By regularly analyzing ROI, partners and the Checkmarx channel team can determine which activities are delivering results and can be expanded, and which are not hitting the mark. This helps build a cycle of continuous improvement and a full understanding of the key ingredients to delivering increased ROI, that benefits everyone.

Join the Checkmarx partner ecosystem

This is a dynamic time to be part of the Checkmarx community. We have a proven, industry-leading product in a rapidly growing market sector, and a best-in-class MDF program that will accelerate success.

If you’re already a Checkmarx partner you can discover the MDF benefits already in store for you here.

If you’d like to become part of the Checkmarx story, get in touch to become a partner here.

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