Maximize Your AppSec Return on Investment With Checkmarx One 

In the ever-shifting AppSec landscape, it’s not unusual to find yourself scrambling to keep up with the latest solutions, tools, reports, analyses, and news.  If you’re a security professional, you may be scheduling, correlating, and combining the scan results from SAST, SCA, Container, or Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) scan engines, or reviewing the latest industry news around newly discovered CWEs or zero-day attacks. If you’re a developer, you may be triaging, prioritizing, and applying fixes within your code, updating documentation, reviewing scan results with security and business teams, and collaborating with testers and QA ahead of a hotfix or a new release. 

With a fragmented set of tools, scanners, reporting, automation technologies, and integrations, it can prove extremely time-consuming and difficult to continuously deliver value to the business without risking information security and ultimately organizational reputation. Couple that with the fact that, on average, it can cost an organization 100x the cost to fix a bug in production than the design phase, and the picture becomes clear that vulnerability identification and remediation early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) is critical1

1 IBM System Science Institute: Relative Cost of Fixing Defects, 2010 

It is no surprise that leveraging an application security testing (AST) platform can help mitigate these costs and empower AppSec and development teams to deliver quality, secure software while minimizing cost and delay for the business. 

By utilizing an AST platform rather than piecewise or point solutions for AppSec, we can minimize and eliminate many of these overhead costs, allowing our teams to focus on their core competencies rather than ancillary or tedious operational tasks to support their work. Simple things like updating, maintaining, patching, and backing up IT infrastructure or security software, or collating and combining security scan results for unified reporting can result in significant costs to the organization and distract from the core mission of its people and business. And with AST solutions’ ability to collate, correlate, and automate data based on multiple scan results, organizations can secure their applications, and by proxy their business, more quickly. 

While there are a number of competing solutions available today, Checkmarx One™ is the most comprehensive and industry-trusted AST platform available today.  With a single click, you can trigger a SAST, SCA, IaC, Container, and API Security scan, automatically correlate and prioritize multiple scan findings for easy consumption and prioritization and raise or resolve defects.  Additionally, scans can be triggered automatically during code push events or pull requests within your SCM, eliminating the need for individual developers to zip up their work and upload to one or more scan tools. We are constantly innovating and introducing new features and capabilities into our platform. Checkmarx One customer’s benefit from:  

Security Teams 

  • Streamlined compliance reporting (from days to minutes)  
  • Significantly reduced licensing costs 
  • Lower operational overhead 

Developer and DevOps Teams 

  • 15-100X lower costs for QA or production-phase remediation (shift-left approach) 
  • Reduced time to remediation through automated triage, correlation, and identification of Best Fix Location (BFL) within the source code 
  • Automated scanning and integrating within CI/CD pipeline, reducing overhead 
  • IDE integration for multiple scan findings and source-code identification, allowing developers to continue to work within the tools they’re most familiar 
  • Integrated gamified security training solution, helping developers learn how to produce more secure code from the start 


  • Increased speed-to-market for new, differentiated capabilities 
  • Improved organizational risk posture and greater visibility into vulnerabilities and overall attack surface 
  • Reputation protection 

And because Checkmarx One is a SaaS solution, you receive feature and platform upgrades with minimal-to-no effort —no need to spin up additional IT infrastructure, install patches or hotfixes, or truncate database logs. 

For many of our customers, we have observed a 60 percent annual savings over legacy or traditional AppSec solutions, with an ROI of one year or less, both in terms of reduced licensing and infrastructure costs and productivity gains by migrating to Checkmarx One.  


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