The Global Gathering: Checkmarx Annual Sales Kick Off in Cancun, Mexico

Similar to birthdays full of fun and excitement that come once a year, the annual Checkmarx Sales Kick Off (SKO) is always a signature event to look forward to. This year, a major portion of the company descended upon the paradise of Cancun, Mexico. Flying in from all over the world, employees arrived for three days of entertaining training, expert knowledge transfer, and collaboration with team members they may only see on a computer screen.

Checkmarx is a modern AppSec enterprise with team members and technology spanning the globe, so the SKOs are always a memorable highlight. The countries, cultures, and languages represented at these events demonstrate how vast Checkmarx really is. And after dealing with hours of airports, planes, trains, cabs, etc., to get to Cancun, when you arrive, you can just feel the spirit and camaraderie in the air.

Upon arrival, there is always the check-in process, but instead of feeling like a company event, it is more like a family reunion.
True to Checkmarx tradition, they took over major portions of the host resort. Then the party got started in earnest.
With lots of new faces, and other team members who hadn’t been face to face in over a year, new bonds formed quickly, and old bonds were renewed.
The first night’s events are always a huge success. Checkmarx CEO and this year's Chief Mariachi Emmanuel Benzaquen always leads the festivities with his musical and entertainment talents.
The SKO is a chance for people who attend from different Checkmarx groups to reconnect on a level deeper than they might be able to as coworkers.
The fun normally goes well into the evening, but everyone knows the next day is when the real kick off begins.
Team members arrive the next morning ready for the main event, with much anticipation of the keynote and go-to market strategy for 2023.
Emmanuel took the stage and opened the event with his truly motivational, storytelling style of speaking, which was well received as always.
Next was Checkmarx CMO Amit Daniel, who shared the vast number of successes we saw in 2022, highlighting how the Checkmarx One platform is being adopted by organizations worldwide.
Next came Erez Yalon, Checkmarx VP of Research, highlighting the massive amount of research performed by his teams throughout 2022 and how Checkmarx is reducing the threat landscape.
There is always time for some fun and games. This lively session featured Ori Bendet, VP of Product Management, and Tyler Agypt, Principal Competitive Intelligence Director.
Day 2 normally allows everyone to take in some sightseeing and unwind from the excitement of the previous day.
Day 2 ended with a fantastic dinner in quieter settings, allowing team members to spend time together talking about something other than work.

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