Application Security Glossary

Application Vulnerability

Malicious attackers have now turned their focus towards application layer vulnerabilities. Approximately 90% of all security vulnerabilities found in software code are located in the application layer. Applications that are not properly tested have a risk of containing vulnerabilities that … Read More

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Bamboo Static Code Analysis

Bamboo is a continuous integration server from Atlassian. Its purpose is to provide developers with an environment which quickly compiles code for testing so that release cycles can be quickly implemented in production, while giving full traceability from the feature … Read More

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Botnet Detection and Prevention

Botnet, a fusion of the words “robot” and “network”, is basically a group of computers that have been compromised by a malicious attacker and are under his control. Botnets are primarily used for executing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, … Read More

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Build Server

A build server is a distinct concept to a Continuous Integration (CI) server. The CI server exists to build your projects when changes are made. By contrast a Build server exists to build the project (typically a release, against a

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C# Static Code Analysis

C# is a well-established development language and as such there are many options for Csharp static code analysis. When you ask developers what they’re looking for in static code analysis, it almost always comes down to the quality of the … Read More

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C++ Static Code Analysis

As one of the oldest “modern” programming languages, C++ is a relatively mature language and as such there are plenty of tools available for C++ static code analysis. In many cases the choice of which tool you use will be … Read More

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