Fixing Application Security Issues Quickly and Easily

With the rise in cybercrime comes the heightened need for application security. However, organizations sometimes find that quality resources are scarce in the application security world, and many turn to traditional methodologies, such as penetration testing, which don’t cover all of the bases. In this webinar, we will guide you through application security best practices and more. Join the webinar to:
    • Discover the complete process for effective application security
    • Learn how to use modern Source Code Analysis Solution
    • Understand how to effectively reduce time and efforts when fixing security issues
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About the Speaker:

Ajay Bongirwar, Region Head, India & Middle East, Checkmarx Ajay Bongirwar is the Region Head for India and the Middle East at Checkmarx. During his current tenure with Checkmarx, Ajay works with various verticals including banking, financial services, software development houses, manufacturing and more. By working with such a vast range of verticals and by consulting with the organizations on the topic of application security, Ajay has become an expert in application security best practices surrounding implementation.
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