Crowdsource your security knowledge: A simple guide to OWASP Top 10

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May 20, 2016

Over the past two years, the Internet has seen some of the biggest, most devastating data breaches in history. With each attack, millions of personal identifiable information records are stolen, leading to the possibility of identity theft, banking fraud, and in some of the most notable cases, that’s right — divorce.
OWASP is a non-profit organization that uses the cloud to crowdsource case studies and information surrounding security. When you don’t have time to research security trends due to your other work demands, life demands or Netflix, OWASP is excellent enough to aggregate this information for you.
Every few years, OWASP publishes a list of the biggest security threats — the so-called Top 10 Project. These attacks include threats against infrastructure and applications, and the information is gathered from open-source participants.
According to cybersecurity organization Checkmarx, every one of the OWASP 10 vulnerabilitiesshould be a concern for developers. Whether you use tools or manual scripts written from scratch to deal with these concerns is up to you, but these vulnerabilities need to be tested for before deploying an application to production.
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