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Checkmarx MDF Program


2022 MDF Program

The Checkmarx Marketing Development Funds (MDF) program offers funding benefits to generate new business growth for our Partners. The goal of the program is to enable you, our partners to build a sustainable business model and expand your practices through your partnership with us and to reach new customers and continue to differentiate your business and its offerings. The Checkmarx Partner Marketing Development Funding Program is designed to help eligible partners successfully increase pipeline for new business and accelerate existing greenfield opportunities. Meanwhile, the MDF program helps drive demand generation and go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Our partners at the Advanced and Expert Tiers are eligible to request MDF Cash, to support your marketing efforts and promote co-selling and joint solutions. The goal of our MDF program is to create brand awareness and drive demand generation.

Benefits of Co-Marketing with Checkmarx Through the MDF Program

Marketing Campaign Support

    • Why start from scratch? Leverage pre-built content, offers, messaging, nurture tracks (like call scripts ready for telemarketing, emails and microsite content with white papers set up for integrated campaigns, etc.)


    • Choose to do the work yourself or use a Checkmarx approved agency to help you select and execute the marketing plan which best meets your needs.

you can target your funds as per the business cases

For full benefits system see appendix A

What the MDF Program usage is for:

The focus of the 2022 MDF program is on generating new business. Our joint GTM focus in 2022 will be on adding net new logos more than expanding existing customers).

Leverage MDF to Support Your Growth Objectives Through:

    • Roundtables
    • Webinars
    • Direct Mailings
    • Hackathons
    • Events (field, F2F, virtual, and hybrid)
    • Automated Email Campaigns
    • Digital Campaigns
    • And much more.
Note: Cost of goods offered per person (meal, gifts, etc.) cannot exceed US$125.00. This is excluding shipping, tax and labor, where relevant.

The following activities are excluded from MDF:

    • Incentives ​and SPIFFs
    • Sales Kickoff
    • T&E (flights, hotels) ​
    • Content Creation ​
    • Funded Headcount
    • Hospitality Events Without Marketing Nurture Efforts
    • Non-Branded Goods
    • Charity Donations ​
    • Firearms Events or Any Event Involving Violence ​
Note: Taxes/VAT Subject to Entity Regulation. Please ask your partner marketing for validation.    ​

Timeline & Eligibility for Checkmarx MDF Program:

See detailed table below. Checkmarx MDF Program have two parallel processes into is – (1) Request and (2) Claim.

2022 Key Dates

  • All eligible partners are informed by January 15, 2022
    • Requests – MDF requests can be sent 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) before the end of the Q.
      • Q1: January 1 to March 1 (Q1 ends March 31, 2022)
      • Q2: April 1 to June 1 (Q2 ends June 30, 2022)
      • Q3: July 1 to September 1 (Q3 ends September 30, 2022)
      • Q4: October 1 to December 1 (Q4 ends December 31, 2022)
    • Claim Back MDF with POP (Proof of Performance)
      • Q1: 03/31/2022
      • Q2: 06/15/2022
      • Q3: 09/30/2022
      • Q4: 12/15/2022
    • December 15 and June 15: All claims for all programs must be submitted prior to those date, or we will not be able to reimburse you.
    • Extension requests must be submitted in writing – However carry-over from H1 to H2 will not be approved.
      • Budget will move from Q to Q.

See table 1 below for summary

How We Calculate MDF

  • Checkmarx calculates your MDF based on your last year of revenue, your new business forecast, your marketing capabilities, and your commercial commitment.
  • How to verify your MDF allocation:
    • Speak to your channel marketing manager
    • Reach out to your vendor manager or Checkmarx channel manager

Onboarding When Accepted to the Checkmarx MDF Program

  1. Eligible Partners will receive a letter from their Checkmarx Channel Marketing Manager before January 15, 2022. This will need to be counter-signed by January 30, 2022.
    1. Each eligible partner will need to submit the New Vendor Form and appropriate Tax Documentation (W9 for US).
  2. Partner Marketing contact to review MDF Guideline document.

Timeline and Summary Table:

2022 Quarter / Task

MDF Eligibility

No Later than 30/1/2022

Nomination for 2023 until 15/11/22

Start and End Date of Checkmarx Quarters

01/01/2022 – 03/31/2022

04/01/2022 – 06/30/2022

07/01/2022 – 09/30/2022

10/01/2022 – 12/31/2022

Last Request Date of MDF





Review & Approval

Max. 7 business days of receipt

Last Claim Back Date (Last invoice date)





MDF Requests

Request Guidelines

  • Marketing activities need to be approved in advance and not retroactively.
    • As a rule, Checkmarx supports 50% of cost sharing.
  • Partner can use 50% of your MDF amount by H1 and the remaining 50% by H2.
    • Note: legacy partners (with existing pipeline for new business) can claim more than 50% MDF for H1, by notifying us in writing and getting advance approval in Q1.
  • Overall, you can claim 20%−30% of your MDF per quarter.
    • Partners in our expert tier MDF plans will be eligible for a custom split of their budget by notifying us in writing and getting advance approval in Q1.

How to Request MDF Assets

MDF Request ->
Cash Claim ->
ROI Follow-Up

1. Partner submits contract/agreement/SOW

2. Checkmarx approves

3. Checkmarx provides PO#

4. Partner provides POP/List of attendees

5. Partner submits invoice with PO#

6. Partner Submit ROI/Follow-up report

  1. All MDF proposals require a plan/campaign and/or prior approval (PA) request submitted using:
    1. SOW Form
    2. email to the Checkmarx Channel Marketing Team
    3. mail sent directly to your channel marketing manager
All activities requests need to include the information per the chapter below
  1. Checkmarx has the option to accept, decline, or withdraw these requests.
  2. Partners will be notified by email for each response or decision.
    1. Approved – Checkmarx will share PO# for the claim stage
    2. Rejection – reasons
      1. Requesting partners can resubmit returned or withdrawn requests and request a meeting with the channel marketing manager to discuss the campaign/program.
    3. Need clarification – the request is unclear and further discussion in needed.
Note: Partners can request the approval history of their MDF claims and MDF requests so they can track all MDF-related actions.

Request information needed for MDF request

Partners can submit plan(s)/campaign(s) with event information documentation1 and/or a . 1Event information / documentation must contain:
  • Type of Event (Virtual, In-person, Hybrid)
  • Location (if digital – Geo)
  • Date (start and end date)
  • Speaker Opportunity (Yes or No)
  • Cost of the Event*
    • Cost per lead
  • How many other vendors are sponsoring your event (if applicable)?
  • How many attendees? Assumed attendee job titles?
    • C-level
    • Security Directors
    • DevOps / Development management
    • Developers
  • Audience:
    • %/# of Existing Cx Customer in the event/Campaign
    • %/# of New Prospect to Cx Customer in the event/Campaign
  • Projected ROI:
    • # Of leads
    • # Of Follow-up calls
    • Assumption of opp’ dollar

MDF Request SLA

Checkmarx Marketing as a Service

For partners lacking in-house or scalable marketing resources, our Marketing as a Service program (Checkmarx MaaS) may be just what you’re looking for.

Checkmarx Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) could be just what you need to grow your business with our marketing support.

  • We offer a variety of digital campaigns, in-person events, press releases, e-mail nurture streams, contests, and webinars to generate demand.
  • Partner can use his MDF in conjunction with Checkmarx MaaS for a comprehensive mix of channel marketing programs from our list of authorized agencies.

Below is an example of what’s included in Checkmarx MaaS:

Ask us about a customized Checkmarx MaaS program that’s right for your company.

All documents/templates are available at Checkmarx Content Management tool, HighSpot. Request your access today.

Claim Cash Submission Process

MDF Request ->
Cash Claim ->
ROI Follow-Up

1. Partner submits contract/agreement/SOW

2. Checkmarx approves

3. Checkmarx provides PO#

4. Partner provides POP/List of attendees

5. Partner submits invoice with PO#

6. Partner Submit ROI/Follow-up report

Once your marketing activity has been approved, Checkmarx will send you a PO, confirming that the proposed activity can take place. Without PO# marketing claim will not be honored.

Timeline for Payment

  • Claims must be submitted before the funds expire by the quarter’s end (See Table 1)
  • Funding is only available for the year/quarter that it’s been approved for.
  • Funding cannot be carried over from year to year and/or from Q to Q.

Proof of Performance

Invoicing Guidelines After POP:

  • Please quote the PO number on your invoice to avoid any delays processing your claim.
  • Use your signed MDF letter for your legal entity and send your invoices accordingly.
    • Please submit all invoices in USD.
      • In case foreign currency is needed – please submit the invoice with the local currency equivalent to the amount in USD and please add as a line item in the invoice the USD amount approved.
Entity List and PO Box:
Checkmarx Ltd.
Checkmarx Inc.
Checkmarx UK Ltd.
Checkmarx India
Checkmarx Singapore PTE Ltd.
Checkmarx Australia Pty Ltd.
Checkmarx France SAS
Checkmarx Germany

Follow-up Process on Partner Leads

MDF Request ->
Cash Claim ->
ROI Follow-Up

1. Partner submits contract/agreement/SOW

2. Checkmarx approves

3. Checkmarx provides PO#

4. Partner provides POP/List of attendees

5. Partner submits invoice with PO#

6. Partner Submit ROI/Follow-up report

For any co-marketing activities, the partner is accountable for follow-up action.

Partners are required to provide final ROI results 30 days after the initial claim date. Failure to provide ROI results will have an impact on future MDF requests.

Your Checkmarx marketing manager will notify you that the list of leads for the event has been approved.

Leads Upload to Checkmarx – Partner Management System (PRM)

  1. Checkmarx will Upload to the Checkmarx PRM system within 48 hrsfrom POP
  2. Leads will be assigned to the agreed partner PRM user (alliance leader or relationship owner)
  3. The PRM user will accept or reject leads within 10 days of receiving the lead notification.
    • Accept – Partner is willing to qualify the lead
    • Reject – Partner is not willing to qualify the lead, bad data, lead is not qualified.
    • Lead pending acceptance over 30 Days will automatically be rerouted to the Checkmarx Business Development team for follow up.
  4. Checkmarx will carry out an audit every 6 weeks to ensure that leads are progressed and managed in accordance with the MDF agreement.

It’s the Partner PRM user’s responsibility to update the progress of leads up until close or deal reg status.

Contact Information – Channel Marketing Team

Channel Marketing Manager

  • Global Channel Marketing & Technical Alliances = Zack
  • EMEA/LATAM Channel Marketing Manager = Jules
  • North America Channel Marketing Manager = Ana
  • APAC Channel Marketing Manager = Zack


1. What determines my level of access to MDF records and requests?

  • Checkmarx calculates your MDF based on your last year of revenue, your new business forecast, your marketing capabilities, and your commercial commitment.

2. What’s the difference between an MDF request and an MDF claim?

  • Partners can submit an MDF request for expense items that they plan to claim, before incurring the expense. Checkmarx can decide whether to approve some or all of the expense. Partners submit MDF claims for reimbursement of the approved expense after they have incurred it.

3. What’s the process for ad-hoc campaigns?

  • Programs or activities will follow the process below:

Also, see below the documents to download:

List of Leads – After Event (POP)

Appendix A – Marketing Benefits and Co-Marketing Requirements 

MDF availability and functionality are organized as follows and is based on the various Checkmarx partner tiers:

Benefits: Marketing Support
Channel Mktg. Manager Support
Low touch†
High touch
Tailored Mktg. Campaigns
Sponsorship in SKO/Relationship Event
Mention on Checkmarx Partner Listing
Lead Sharing
Benefits: Touch
PRM User
Access to Checkmarx Partner Mktg. Repository
1 User
1 User
Up to 5 Users
Dedicated Mktg. Team
Quarterly/Annual Plan
Microsite/Checkmarx Page on Partner’s Website
Cx as part of the portfolio
Cx as part of the portfolio
Microsite to capture Cx leads
Social Media Echo
Every other month
Source Customers for Case Studies
1 annual
1 per quarter
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