Modern App Development

Modern Application Development

We’ve curated a collection of resources focusing on the technologies and cloud native approaches that make modern application development (MAD) safer and faster. Wherever you sit in your organization, we’ve got the intel you’re looking for.

Modern = Secure

The days of monolithic application development are over. In the cloud, on-premises, or anywhere in between, as development keeps accelerating, it’s easy for security to fall behind. We’ll show you how you can seamlessly integrate security into modern development and stay ahead of threats without slowing down.

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Ready to learn more about modern application development?

There’s a lot to know, so we’ve written a series of three e-books to help you better understand MAD. Take a look.

The World Runs on Code. We Secure It.

We’ve built the Checkmarx Application Security Platform to keep you ahead of threats. See for yourself how it secures MAD.

Trusted by the Biggest Names in Business

Checkmarx is constantly pushing the boundaries of Application Security Testing to make security seamless and simple for the world’s developers and security teams. As the AppSec testing leader, we deliver the unparalleled accuracy, coverage, visibility, and guidance our customers need to build tomorrow’s software securely and at speed.
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