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Checkmarx KICS Auto Scanning

Checkmarx’s KICS Auto Scanning extension for VS Code initiates KICS scans directly from their VS Code console. The scan runs automatically whenever an infrastructure file of a supported type is saved, either manually or by auto-save. The scan runs only on the file that is open in the editor and the results are shown in the VS Code console, making it easy to remediate the vulnerabilities that are detected.

This is a free tool provided by Checkmarx for all VS Code users and does not require the user to submit credentials for a Checkmarx One account. This feature is bundled together with the Checkmarx extension, which is used by authenticated AST users to import scan results into their VS Code IDE.

This video shows you how to configure and use this feature.

For more details, please see the following documentation.

KICS Auto Scanning Extension for Visual Studio Code