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Checkmarx One Learning Tracks - AppSec Management


The AppSec Management Track targets individuals responsible for creating, maintaining, and tracking AppSec programs.

The content focuses on the high-level managerial topics related to AppSec programs and how Checkmarx can support the implementation, maintenance, and tracking of the program implementation.

Motivation & Objectives

At Checkmarx, we believe that an AppSec solution works best if it is part of a well-defined AppSec program.

That is why Checkmarx has created a methodology called APMA, which includes a framework, assessment, and methods for developing an AppSec program.

This methodology intends to help implement an AppSec program starting from the current state of AppSec activities in an organization to a well-defined AppSec program suited for the organization’s needs while achieving the return on their investment in their AppSec solutions in the fastest possible time.

How this Learning Track is Structured

Below you will find an overview of the topics we will cover within the AppSec Management Learning Track.