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Configuring Plugin Settings

Checkmarx IDE plugins enable users to run a new Checkmarx One scan on the project that is open in their workspace (currently supported for VS Code and JetBrains). However, this feature is only available if it has been enabled for the tenant account. The feature can be enabled by an admin user on the Plugin Settings screen.


Before enabling this feature, you should consider the ramifications; since there is a limitation to the number of concurrent scans that you can run based on your license, enabling IDE scans may cause scans triggered by CI/CD pipelines and SCM integrations to be added to the scan queue, causing major delays for those scans.

Configuring Plugin Settings

To change the Plugin settings:

  1. Log in to Checkmarx One using your Username & Password.

  2. Click on the Account Settings icon Settings.png.

  3. Click on the Settings tab and then on the Plugins sub-tab.

  4. Enable/disable running scans from IDEs by toggling the setting On/Off.

    The setting is applied to all IDEs using this tenant account.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.