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Assigning Users to the Service Provider Application in OneLogin

Once the connection between OneLogin and Codebashing has been defined, users can be assigned to the service provider application in OnleLogin.

To assign users to the service provider application in OneLogin:

  1. Click <Users> and select All Users. The All Users screen is displayed.

  2. Search for and click on the desired user to view his/her details. The User Details screen is displayed.

  3. Click the Application tab. The User Applications screen is displayed.

  4. Click + to add an application. The Assign New Login dialog is displayed.

  5. Select the application from the Select Application drop-down list and click <Continue>. The Edit <Application> Login dialog is displayed.

  6. Confirm that the NameID (e-mail) is correct and click <Save>.

  7. Go back to the All User screen to assign the next user.

  8. Confirm that each user has been assigned to the application.