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The administrator or the manager assigned to you invites you from time to time to take an assessment to self-test on what you have learnt. These invitations may arrive as a link by email or chat, or the administrator or an authorized manager may include you as participant while creating the assessment.

To take the assessment:

  1. Follow the link that you received with the invitation mail or chat.



    • The link looks similar to the following: .

    • When following this link, you get to the homepage of your Codebashing platform. The assessment that you have been invited to is listed at the top of the user dashboard before the training progress.

    • There may be older assessments listed as well that you have not started yet.

    • In addition, assessments that you have started and not yet completed appear listed here. Such assessments appear with a <Continue> link instead of the <Start> link.

  2. Click <Start>. The initial interface of the assessment appear.

  3. Under Select your Language, select the desired code language from the languages relevant for the AppSec categories covered with your assessment and then click <START THE ASSESSMENT>. In this example, the user selected Java and got started with it.

  4. Answer the questions asked and follow the onscreen instructions. The example illustrated above has 11 question.

  5. Repeat the assessment for all the code languages relevant to the AppSec categories and your own projects.