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Configuring Applications

Open Application Settings

  1. In the Applications and Projects home page, click on Applications tab.

  2. Click on Actions icon Application Settings.


General Settings

Application Settings General screen contains the application's basic settings.

The screen includes the following configuration fields:

  • Application ID (Read only).

  • Application Name.

  • Add tags (Optional) - Assign tags to an application. Tags are very useful for projects filtering purposes.

    Tagging has no dependencies in any other component, and it is possible to configure any required value.

  • Add Description (Optional).

  • Set Criticality Level - Set the application criticality level (manual configuration).

    This option has 5 levels:

    • 1 - None

    • 2 - Low

    • 3 - Medium (Default)

    • 4 - High

    • 5 - Critical