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Recalculating Risk

Checkmarx SCA enables you to recalculate the risks associated with your source code based on the data obtained by the previous scan. This will identify risks that have been recently discovered in the packages that are used by your project. This option should be used on “static” projects, where you know that no significant changes have been made to the source code since the previous scan.

You can perform a risk recalculation on demand by hovering over the Scan icon located at the top right corner of the Project page and clicking the Recalculate Last Scan button. A new Risk Report is generated for the Project.


After recalculation, you can work with your project and remediate it in the same manner as when you scan your project.


When a risk recalculation is performed on a project, “Recalculated” is the type of scan method indicated in the risk report.