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Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (CxOSA)

Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (CxOSA) empowers development and DevOps teams to control and manage open source components and mitigate potential risks to the application, organizations and its users.

Protect Your Full Code Portfolio and Operating Systems

Analyzing outdated libraries, making sure licenses are being honored and weeding out any open source components which expose the application to known vulnerabilities, CxOSA provides complete code portfolio coverage under a single unified solution and with no extra installations or administration required. Rather than frustrating developers with long winded lists within PDF documents, CxOSA provides developers with a single holistic view of their application portfolio under the same platform.

Fluent in All Common Languages

CxOSA supports all the most common programming languages, enabling organizations to secure all their open source components in addition to the in-house developed code analysis coverage.

Part of Your Development Lifecycle

Integrate CxOSA within your build environment and automatically enforce open source analysis as part of the SDLC. Analyze and manage the open source components being used while ensuring that vulnerable components are not part of your portfolio and are removed or replaced before they become a problem.

Easy to Use

Enhancing your code portfolio risk assessment coverage is merely a few mouse clicks away with CxOSA. Simply turn it on and within minutes a detailed report is generated with clear results and detailed mitigation instructions. Analysis results are designed with the developer in mind. No time is wasted on trying to understand the required actions items to mitigate the detected security or compliance risk.

CxOSA Key Benefits

  • Centralized Application Security - The only on-premise solution to deliver in-house code and open source components analysis "under the same roof.

  • Developer Adoption - CxOSA is designed for developers, by developers, making it accessible and intuitive for its intended audience.

Additional Reading

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