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Navigation Panel

All the main screens within Checkmarx One (listed below) are accessible via the navigation pane on the left Menu panel.

The following is a brief description of the main Checkmarx One screens:

Checkmarx One Screen



Returns users to the Checkmarx One home page.


Applications and Projects – Checkmarx One home page.

Used for the following:

  • Creating and monitoring system entities (Applications and Projects)

  • Running scans

  • Accessing scan results

  • Analyzing scan results


Global Catalog

Used to display the following global lists:

  • API Security

    • List of all APIs detected on this platform.

    • List of all risks detected on this platform as a result of scans using the API Security scanner.

  • SCA


Scan Management

This screen is used for viewing and monitoring all the scans that were performed in Checkmarx One for all the scan types (SAST, SCA, IaC Security).


Identity and Access Management

This screen is used for the following:

  1. Creating and managing OAuth Clients.

  2. Configuring and managing Users, Groups, User Roles, Sessions.

  3. Configuring Identity Providers (SAML, OpenID Connect).

  4. Configuring LDAP server.

  5. Creating API Keys.



This screen is used for integrations with Bug Tracking Services, Team Collaboration or Files.


SCA Knowledge Center

This screen is used to display the SCA database. There are two separate tabs for searching the database by vulnerability or by package version. The SCA Knowledge Center opens in a new tab of your browser. See SCA Knowledge Center


Account Settings

Present the following details about the account:

  1. General account details (Tenant name, License Model, License Start/Expiration dates)

  2. License consumption (Number of users, Number of Projects, Number of Query editor users).

  3. License Model Solutions.

  4. Features

  5. Add-ons



Contains 2 options in a drop-down menu:

  1. Documentation - A direct link for the Checkmarx One documentation.

  2. Version - Information about the Checkmarx One version.

  3. Contact Support - Open a support ticket.


Access Control

Resets and configures the verification method for the user currently logged in.