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Home Page Display Elements


The Applications and Projects home page contains the following elements:

  • Navigation Panel – Open various Checkmarx One screens. For more information on each screen, refer to Navigation Panel.

  • Applications (tab) – Manage and monitor all the Applications in Checkmarx One. For more information on each screen, refer to Applications Configuration.

  • Projects (tab) - Manage and monitor all the Projects in Checkmarx One. For more information on each screen, refer to Projects Configuration.

  • New Project (Button) - Create a new Project in Checkmarx One by using one of the following options:

  • Scan - Scan a Project in Checkmarx One.

  • Account Settings - Present details about the account, licenses and license consumption. For more information see Account Settings

  • Support - Contains a drop-down menu of the following options:

    • Documentation - Direct link to the Checkmarx One Documentation.

    • Contact Support - Open a Checkmarx support ticket for Checkmarx One.

  • Quick Filters - Quick filtering options according to the projects risk levels. For more information see Projects Filtering Options.

  • Projects Vulnerability Summary - Summary of all the project vulnerability risk levels (High_Risk.png High, Medium_Risk.png Medium, Low_Risk.png Low) per page.

    The displayed totals are a summary of all the projects per page.