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Configuring General Project Settings

Project Settings General screen contains the Project’s basic settings.

The screen includes the following configuration fields:

  • Project Name - The name of the project that you assigned.

  • Groups (Optional) - Assign groups to a project. This setting is optional.

    Once a group is assigned to a project, all the group members will be able to perform actions in the project (scan source codes, view results, etc.)

  • Project Tags (Optional) - Assign tags to a Project. Tags are very useful for projects filtering purposes.

    Tagging has no dependencies in any other component, and it is possible to configure any required value.

  • Repository URL - The repository URL from which the source code for this project is scanned by default. This value can be added when creating a Manual Scan project that scans coder from a Repository URL.

  • Token - The default token for private repository URLs.

  • SSH - Create and add your SSH key.

  • Set Criticality Level - Use the slider to define the severity level at which the scan results are considered critical.