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Configuring Webhooks for Projects

Webhooks configuration provides the user the ability to send post scan events to an external notification service.

The notifications include the triggered scans Success / Failed statuses.

An example about when each webhook event occurs and what the payload contains can be found in here.

To add a new Webhook click Add_Wbhook.png

The screen includes the following configuration fields:


Mandatory fields are marked with red_asterix.png

  • Name - Webhook service name.

  • Active.png - Set the Webhook to be in active state.

  • Payload URL - Webhook service URL.

  • Secret (Optional) - Webhook service secret.

  • Events - Set which scan events will be sent to the Webhook notification service (Completed/Failed scans).


    • It is possible to configure one or more events.

    • Mandatory fields are marked with red_asterix.png

Click Add