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Imported Project Settings

The Imported Project Settings screen allows you to update the settings for any SCM imported Project.


Importing projects is not supported for API Security at present.

Update Scanners

  1. In the Applications and Projects home page, click More_Options.pngand then Settings.pngProject Settings. The Projects Settings dialog appears.

  2. In the Project Settings screen click Imported Project Settings

  3. Update the relevant scanner(s) and click Save

    For example:



Protected Branches are the repository branches that are configured to be scanned.

For additional information about Protected Branches see About Protected Branches

Deactivate Automatic Scans

By default automatic scans are activated for Push, and Pull requests.

To deactivate the option, uncheck the Push, Pull request option and click Save


Re-import Project from the SCM

In case that you want to Re-import the Project from the SCM, click Re-import Project from the SCM.


A confirmation screen appear. To confirm and continue, click Re-import Project.