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Modifying an Application

Adjusting Application Settings

  1. In the Applications and Projects home page, click on Applications tab.

  2. Click on Actions icon Application Settings

  3. In the Application Settings window you can update the following:

    • Application Name (Optional) - Update the Application name.

    • Add Tags (Optional) - Assign tags to the Application. Tags are very useful for filtering purposes.

      Tagging has no dependencies in any other component, and it is possible to configure any required value.

    • Add Description (Optional) - Update the Application description.

    • Set Criticality Level (Optional) - Update the Application criticality level.

  4. Click Save


    The Application is updated accordingly.


Adding Projects to an Application

To add Projects to an Application, perform the following:

  1. Click on the Application.

  2. An Application preview panel is opened on the right screen side.

  3. Click on Go to Application

    It is also possible to click on the “eye” icon (Overview) and open the Overview screen directly.

  4. In the Application Overview screen, click on Assign Projects

  5. In the Assign Projects screen update the following:

    • Assign Projects by Project Tags (Optional) - Clicking the field will open all the projects tags (Drop-down list)

    • Assign Projects by Project Name (Optional) - Clicking the field will open all the projects names (Drop-down list)

    • Assign Projects by Project Rule (Optional) - The Project name can be one of the following options:

      • Contains a specific character

      • Starts with a specific character

      • Regex - Regular Expression

  6. Click on Assign Projects

  7. The Projects are added to the Application Overview Projects in Application widget

  8. Click on Project tab

  9. A list of all the Application’s Projects is presented