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Viewing the Project Page

Once a scan is completed it is possible to view and analyze the scan results.

Scan results are aggregated for each Project / Application. It is possible to drill down into the scan results for more detailed information.

In addition, the scan results are aggregated for each of the Checkmarx One scan types - SAST, API Security, KICS, SCA.

There are several tabs on the Project page:

There are two methods for opening the Project page for a specific Project.

Open Project Page - Method 1

  • In the line of the desired project, click eye_icon.png. The Project page appears with the Project Overview tab open.


Open Project Page - Method 2

  1. Click the desired project in the list of projects under Projects and Application. A preview pane appears for the project.

  2. In the Preview pane, click Go_to_Project.png. The Project page appears with the Project Overview tab open.

Project Preview Actions Menu

When opening the Project preview panel, an Actions menu exist for every scanner that was used for that specific scan.

The Project preview Actions menu includes the following options:

  • Download logs - Downloads the logs for SAST & IaC Security scanners.

    The scan log is downloaded to the default browser download folder.

  • More Details - Presents the workflow for the scanner's last scan.

  • Audit Scan (SAST Scanner only) - Provides the ability to customize SAST analysis queries easily and intuitively or configure your own additional queries.

For example: