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Viewing the Scan History Tab


The Scan History tab presents a list of all the scans that were performed within a project.

Each record shows information about each scan that was completed. The screen images illustrate a scenario where all four scanners were used for the scan.

The information appears in a table with each column indicating a different value. These values are listed and explained in the table below.



Possible Values

Scan Date

The date and time on which the scan was performed

  • For example Thursday, September 15, 2022, 11:46 PM


The branch that has been scanned

For .zip files, the the value is N/A.

  • Master (or any other branch)

  • N/A


Project tags

  • Any value


The client who initiated the scan

  • Username

  • CLI

  • GitHub-Action-Integration

Scan Origin

Where was the scan triggered from

  • Browser

  • CLI


Source file format

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Zip


The scanners that have been used for the scan

  • SAST

  • SCA

  • IaC Security



The amount of vulnerabilities, distributed by severities

  • High High_Severity.png

  • Medium Medium_Severity.png

  • Low Low_Severity.png

Scan Type

Scan Type

  • Full Scan

  • Incremental


Scan duration

  • HH:MM:SS


Scan status

  • Completed,

  • Partial - for example, it failed for one scanner, but for the remaining ones, the scan was completed

  • Failed - for all used scanners

  • Canceled

Options for what to do with the scan

  • Delete_Trash_Bin.PNG Delete the scan

  • Export.png Generate a report

Opening Scan Results

Clicking on a specific scan opens a Preview pane on the right screen side. From the Preview pane it is possible to open the Scan Results page for that specific scan.

  • Click <Results> to display the scan results for the requested scan type.


Filtering the Scans List View

Filtering Branches

By default, the Scans list is filtered by Branch.


The Scans list view includes only the Repository based scans.

Filtering Zip Files

The zip source files filter is configured in Checkmarx One as N/A.


The Scans list view includes only the zip files scans.

Deleting a Scan

You can delete any scan marked as Completed from the Scan History screen.

To delete a scan:

  1. Click More_Options.png and then select Delete_Trash_Bin.PNG Delete Scan.

  2. Click <OK> to confirm your request.