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Viewing the IaC Security Scanner Dashboard

The IaC Security Scanner screen provides an overview of the last completed IaC Security scan, using IaC Security widgets.


IaC Security Widgets

Scanned Files

Scanned Files widget presents the number of scanned files.


New Vulnerabilities

New Vulnerabilities widget presents the number of vulnerabilities with new status.


Total Vulnerabilities

Total Vulnerabilities widget presents the total number of vulnerabilities per severity - High, Medium, Low.


Results by State

Results by State widget presents the number of vulnerabilities per state (To Verify, Confirmed, Not exploitable, etc.)


Results by Platform

Results by Platform widget presents the number of vulnerabilities per platform (Common, Dockerfile, Kubernetes, etc.)


Results by Category

Results by Category widget presents the vulnerabilities distribution per Category (Insecure Configurations, Access Control, Resource Management, etc.)


Pie Charts


The illustrated pie charts in this section are from different scans than the previous ones.

You may hide content from the pie charts or display additional information on content as explained below.

To hide content from pie charts:

  • Click the content Language/State. The relevant content appears crossed out and the result is hidden from the chart.


To display additional information on a result:

  • Point to the desired pie chart section, a tooltip appears with information on the content as illustrated below.


IaC Security Results

IaC Security Scanner screen provides the option to directly open IaC Security results.

To open IaC Security results, click View_Results_Button.png

Clicking View_Results_Button.png redirects users to the IaC Security results view.

For additional information on IaC Security results, go to Viewing IaC Security Results.

Initiate a New IaC Security Scan

IaC Security Scanner screen also provides the option to scan new source files without the need to switch view.

To scan new source files click Scan_button.png

For more information about scanning new source files, refer to Scanning Projects.