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Creating an OAuth2 Client for Checkmarx One Integrations

You can create an OAuth2 Client by logging in to Checkmarx One and creating a new client.

Figure 1. 

GIF - How to create an OAuth2 Client for use with plugins

To Log in to Checkmarx One:

  1. Open the URL for your environment.

  2. Log in to your Checkmarx One account by entering your Tenant Account, Username and Password.


To create an OAuth2 Client, you need to be signed in as an admin user.

To create an OAuth2 Client:

  1. Log in to Checkmarx One and click on the Identity_and_Access_MGMT.png Identity and Access Management icon in the Menu panel.

  2. In the Identity and Access Management console, click Oauth Clients and then click Create Client.

  3. In the Client ID field, enter a descriptive name for Client (e.g. AzureDevOps_Client for the AzureDevOps plugin), and then click Create client.


    The Client Settings screen is shown.

  4. Copy the Client ID for use in the plugin configuration.

  5. Click on the Regenerate button for the Secret,

  6. In the dialog that opens, copy the Secret for use in the plugin configuration, and then click Ok to close the dialog

  7. You can configure the following optional settings:

    1. Under Settings, you can add a Name and Description for the Client.

    2. Under Groups, you can assign the Client to one or more groups.

  8. Under Role Mapping > AST roles, search for either ast-admin or ast-scanner and click Add in the relevant row to add the role to the client.

  9. Click Save Client.