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Slack Service integration enables Checkmarx One users to notify other team members about discovered vulnerabilities by sending a scan summary report to the corresponding Slack channel.

The report includes a results summary which presents the number of detected vulnerabilities in the scanned code.

In the right side panel select Slack and click Next


Settings & Trigger Conditions

Slack Settings & Trigger Conditions panel contains basic details for the new Feedback App in addition to its trigger conditions.

Configure the following:

  1. General Settings:

    • Feedback App Name

    • Description

    • Associate Tags - Assign tags to a Feedback App. Tags are very useful for filtering purposes.

  2. Trigger Conditions:

    • Severity - The severity level of a vulnerability that triggers the Feedback App.

    • Status - To decrease the number of issues created in Jira, specify also the status of a vulnerability that triggers the Feedback App.

      In conjunction with the severity, this makes the setting more precise.



Slack Credentials panel contains the Slack incoming webhook URL.

In case that an incoming webhook wasn’t created for the Slack integration, please use the below link to create it:

Slack Incoming Webhooks

Configure the following:

  1. URL - Slack incoming webhook URL.

  2. Click Test Connection

  3. Click Save