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Introducing Checkmarx New Documentation Experience

The idea was certainly in the air, irresistible and palpable. It was brewing slowly and at some point, could be felt distinctly and unavoidably – Checkmarx sorely needs a new documentation portal with a sleek stylish design and thoroughly overhauled content that would be a pleasure to read, search, and navigate.

The journey to the new portal was not a walk in the park. After conducting a trial of a few high-end authoring tools, the Technical Writing team selected Paligo and completed a training course. Then there were heated discussions about the new portal’s layout, creation of the portal design by the Checkmarx UX/UI team, painstaking migration of the existing content to the new platform, and the website development. Imagine how thrilled we are to announce that we are finally launching a newly designed Checkmarx documentation portal!

In line with the company strategy, we have consolidated all documentation into one structured source. No more division into siloed spaces for different Checkmarx products. From now on documentation will mirror the approach implemented in Checkmarx Fusion – a single, integrated view for a comprehensive user experience. Each section delivers specific content, but all together they complement each other to reveal the software’s inner logic. The content structure and tagging in combination with a powerful search engine ensure that you arrive at the necessary documentation destination in fewer clicks.

The Checkmarx Documentation Team is committed to the ongoing development of the portal and increasing the ease of use in accessing product documentation. Over the coming weeks, we will be constantly updating the new portal, but you can start browsing it right now.

Just click here and tap into the reinvented content!

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