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Keeping the Financial Sector Safe

Today, banks and financial services firms are under intense pressure to accelerate their digital transformation journey and adopt more robust digital banking programs and protocols. Innovation is key as firms work to meet the demands of an increasingly digital native customer generation. The race is on to roll out new technologies to deliver the services customers demand, from digital onboarding to online deposit facilities and personal money management services.

Add to this the traditional lure of lucrative payouts and potential access to deep wells of money and you can see why the sector is a favorite target for cybercriminals, and why it’s never been more critical to protect against them.

In addition to standard security processes like firewalls, strong third-party program patching processes, and two-factor authentication, you need to ensure the banking app code your developers are writing is fundamentally secure and vulnerability-free from the start.

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Our suite of security technologies has been designed to work from the tools your developers are already using. We easily integrate security into your SDLC and make it easier, and faster for your teams to ship tomorrow’s game-changing code. With automation, full and partial scans of uncompiled code, just-in-time AppSec training and source code analysis for open source libraries, our security solutions are exactly what your teams want and need to be able to keep up with the demands and deadlines of modern application development.

Case Study

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The State of [IN]Security for Financial Services

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