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Android WebView: Are Secure Coding Practices Being Followed?

WebViews are very common on the Android applications. There are clear WebView security best practices, but are they being implemented? With our previous blog post in mind, Android WebView: Secure Coding Practices, we wanted to understand how security best practices in

Get Freebies by Abusing the Android InApp Billing API

Security researchers started talking about vulnerabilities in the Android InApp Billing API years ago, but we found it worthwhile to take another look to see how it has improved (or not) and verify the best way to build security into the application.

Navigation Apps: Leading the Way? Or Following You?

In the United States alone, 84% of adults are using navigation applications, according to a recent Gallup poll. Whether they’re downloading it in an app store or the navigation capability is already built into the car, these navigation tools are

Meet NFCdrip – a New Security Concern for Air-Gapped Systems

Air-gapping means physically isolating a secure computer from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network. The concept of air-gapping represents just about the maximum protection one network can have from another, other than actually

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