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Talking Cloud Technology is Yesterday’s News

Talking Cloud Technology is Yesterday’s News The other day I was on the phone with a colleague, discussing market trends of cloud computing. With me in the room was my 55-year old uncle, who heard bits of our conversation. After

AppSec Is Dead, but Software Security Is Alive & Well

Everyone agrees that an enterprise’s application ecosystem must be protected, especially when data breaches are reported with alarming frequency and the average total cost of a breach comes in at $3.62 million. However, defeating increasingly severe threats requires a holistic approach

Why Security and DevOps Desperately Need Couples Counseling

While at the 2018 Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas I asked attendees point blank if they think that security and DevOps should be in couples counseling. The universal response was a laugh and then a resounding, “Yes.” The reason couples

The Era of Software Exposure

Software is at the backbone of the digital transformation We live in a world of massive digital transformation. The technical backbone of this transformation is software. Software can be found everywhere. It is in our homes, in our phones, and … Read More

Introducing the Checkmarx Certified Engineer Program (CxCE)

If you were to take a look at the current job market for developers, application security engineers, solution architects, penetration testers, or systems engineers, it’s clear that application security testing skill sets are in high demand. You’ll also notice that … Read More

Hacking is a business – and business is good

Parents freaked out when hackers stole millions of records from VTech, a Hong Kong-based toy maker. Because the records included information on at least 200,000 children, those mothers and fathers were probably more worried about kidnappings and child pornography than

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