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Streamlined DevSecOps Requires State and Local Gov to Consolidate AST

Digitization of state and local government services has been trending globally over the last decade. Naturally, COVID-19 accelerated demand for digital government services even more, so departments could continue serving citizens remotely while achieving efficiency and cost savings. Unfortunately, public

Why Developers Worldwide Benefit from Secure Coding Education

Global Developers think secure coding education can save time and money while adding personal and organizational value. The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated worldwide demand for increasing the provision of digital services, and in this digitized landscape, security is key.

Five Security Best Practices Public Sector Organisations Need to Consider

Public sector organisations face considerable pressures when developing software to underpin essential citizen services. Delivery timeframes are short, budgets are tight, skills are scarce, and security is paramount. Many public sector organisations often employ experienced contractors to offset the shortage

The New Code Analysis Approach in the Modern DevSecOps Era

Over the past couple of years, DevSecOps has become one of the newest catchphrases in organizations who are striving to enhance their secure software initiatives. But what exactly is DevSecOps, and how do you turn it into reality? Unfortunately, just

How the Air Force and SSA Navigate the (Sometimes Bumpy) Flight to DevSecOps

Rapid software development allows government agencies and military organizations to keep pace with innovation while effectively accomplishing their missions and delivering services to constituents. In order to stay ahead of adversaries and remain secure amidst an increasingly-sophisticated cyber threat landscape,

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