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One Common Theme – One Common Goal

On the heels of the RSA Asia Pacific and Japan conference that took place last week, there was one common theme that Checkmarx captured while speaking with visitors at their stand—imbedding security throughout an organizations’ DevOps ecosystem is viewed as

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What the heck is IAST?

The application security testing (AST) world is made up of different solutions, all with one ultimate goal – to protect software from hackers, and their attacks.  SAST and DAST are perhaps the two most common and well-known solutions. In the

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Learn How You Can Get a Running Start with DevSecOps

DevOps is an evolving philosophy, and now is the time–just as you start embracing DevOps in your organization–to start building security into both your DevOps philosophy and processes. DevOps philosophy started with the core principles of W. Edwards Deming’s points

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