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Making Security Intrinsic in Your AWS Cloud Deployment

Cloud-native is a term so common in practice that by 2023, IDC predicts that over 500 million apps and services will be deployed using cloud-native approaches. In the last 12 months, organizations rapidly moved to remote working, so the spotlight

KICS – How We Made It

Cloud Native implies a complete change in philosophy on how modern applications are designed, developed, and deployed. Finally, monoliths are broken into small and self-contained microservices, independent and unaware of their context. Orchestration glues them together in applications that become

Cloud is native, but security isn’t: Shift your app sec testing approach

Cloud-native has evolved from a marketing term into a highly desirable and useful architecture choice, yielding significant benefits for designing, building, and deploying applications. But security is too often overlooked. Advantages of cloud-native applications include increased flexibility and scalability, ease

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