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Software Composition Analysis

Chained RaspAP Vulnerabilities Grant Root Level Access

According to its official documentation, “RaspAP” is a wireless router software for many popular Debian-based devices, including the Raspberry Pi. It has a mobile-ready interface that gives the user control over the relevant services and networking options which include advanced DHCP

Not All AppSec Scanning Is Created Equal

You no doubt know the phrase, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” A better take on this idea might be: “if you don’t have anything helpful to say, don’t say anything at all.”

How Do You Deliver Secure Public Sector Transformation?

Today, public sector organizations face a daunting set of challenges as society adjusts to the current COVID-19 environment. Citizen services that previously depended on in-person processes have been forced to pivot to digital alternatives at an uncomfortable speed.  This has

Developer’s Guide to Open Source Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and after a year filled with record-setting digital transformation and its associated vulnerabilities, now is the right time to give the open source components in your codebase a refresh. For many development teams, today’s open source operations present a

Open Source Is Everywhere – Even Your Codebase

In his 2011 article for The Wall Street Journal, Marc Andreessen wrote that “software is eating the world.” This, he explained, is because of the amazing pace of innovation in the tech industry, which is due in no small part

Exploitable Path – Advanced Topics

This is the third and final blog on Exploitable Path – a unique feature that allows our customers to prioritize vulnerabilities in open-source libraries. In the first blog, we introduced the concept of Exploitable Path and its importance. The conclusion

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