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Codebashing is the AppSec training platform developers actually enjoy, empowering secure development by offering gamified just-in-time lessons that cover exactly what devs need to know, when they need to know it.

Training Devs Want
to Take

Say goodbye to training days and hello to training minutes with snackable lessons that fit your schedule. Checkmarx Codebashing helps minimize organizational risk by teaching you how to securely and proactively code as part of a modern, integrated AppSec awareness program.

Polish your skills without the grind
Have more fun writing more secure code in the tools you already use.
Track and share
your progress
Earn and show off tons of badges. Make other devs jealous.
Dig in to
bite-size lessons

Learn new skills in minutes, then rock on instead of nodding off.

AppSec Training by Developers for Developers

Traditional secure code training doesn’t give you a chance to actively engage or apply what you learn. Through on-demand, five-minute modules, Codebashing shows you how to identify and resolve security issues in the languages you’re already using, and then apply what you’ve learned to your daily work.

You won’t just learn important skills faster—you’ll have fun, too.

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AppSec is always evolving, and devs need to stay ahead with state-of-the-art training. Try Codebashing for free today and you’ll see the improvement in your teams’ code almost immediately. Devs will learn the latest trends in app security while managers can easily follow their progress.

The Training You Need, When You Need It

Codebashing integrates with Checkmarx SAST to show devs how to remediate issues with guidance keyed directly to their code. When Checkmarx SAST finds a new vulnerability in scanned code, it instantly syncs with Codebashing, sending the dev to a lesson keyed to that exact issue.

Codebash, Win Cash

Wanna show off? Tackle real-world vulnerabilities in free, live online tournaments to test your secure coding skills against your global peers. You’ll spot and fix AppSec issues in a race against each other and the clock. See how you stack up—first place takes home US$500!

Codebashing on AWS Marketplace

AWS account holders: take advantage of your existing AWS budget and use your EDP on AWS Marketplace to purchase Codebashing for your teams. It’s a great way to get outstanding secure code training at a potentially significant discount.

What Customers Are Saying



Security’s No Game for Global Software Supplier

Playtech is the world’s largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. By training devs to code securely from the start, Codebashing has helped increase Playtech’s development velocity while reducing post-release bugs by 10–15% and code-based vulnerabilities by 42%.


Savings Add Up for Major FinServ Company

One of Europe’s largest financial services companies projected a 393% ROI from its deployment of Checkmarx SAST and Codebashing. Across the company, Codebashing is saving 1,000 devs two hours every week, a productivity boost equal to 1.7 million euros annually.

Start Coding Smarter Today

See how engaging, effective, and fun the right AppSec training platform can be.

Write more secure code, faster

Identify common vulnerabilities and their fixes right when you need them.

Say goodbye to boring

Say hello to short and fun. Our super snackable lessons fit your schedule. Yum!

Real-world lessons for real-world problems

Run actual hacking scenarios—from beginner to advanced—in the languages you use.

Just-in-time training

Find vulnerabilities in Checkmarx SAST, and automatically link to relevant Codebashing lessons.

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