Innovate fast,

but in a secure way

The pace of software development is accelerating.

You’re under constant pressure to deliver quality code. Senior leadership wants rapid development and shorter release cycles, but your app backlog just keeps growing.

To deliver apps faster, you’re using open source packages in your software stack. But knowing what open source components an application contains, and knowing if they contain vulnerabilities hidden within, is a challenge.


Checkmarx and JetBrains

have joined forces to simply reduce your risk when using open source code

By integrating our proven Checkmarx Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution directly into JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, you can build more secure code without slowing the development cycle. Checkmarx SCA seamlessly integrates with JetBrains so you can easily scan your codebase for OSS vulnerabilities in your familiar JetBrains workspace.


#Hassle-free security

It couldn’t be easier

All you have to do is click on our bundled plug-in within your IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate workspace, and you can start scanning for open source threats right away.

You can also join our Twitter chat or watch our 2-minute video