Security Anywhere with Checkmarx CLIs

Integrate Security Anywhere

with Checkmarx CLIs

Why Integrate Checkmarx via CLIs with Your DevSecOps Solutions?

When CISOs or AppSec managers build an AppSec strategy that integrates our centralized and scalable solutions through command line interfaces (CLIs), they win over development, technical, and security managers. This zero-effort solution kicks off Checkmarx SAST™ and/or Checkmarx SCA™ scans as a step in your pipeline via containers, automatically producing a detailed report. Checkmarx can rule your deliveries within your defined security thresholds so you can meet the needs and challenges of your specific use cases. Thoroughly scan your codebase before production to deliver secure software while avoiding interdepartmental complications.

Runs On

Customizable Security as a Part of Your Pipeline

Plug and play without a plugin! Checkmarx CLIs are an easy way to initiate a scan. Throw them into your pipeline or script, and benefit from all our scanning engines and ticketing capabilities. Our CLIs allow customization of scans with all available Checkmarx-enabled options.

Run Scans Wherever You’d Like

If you prefer command line utilities, scan on the fly from your command line without needing a pipeline or CI/CD tool.

Insightful Result Management

Automatically create reports and tickets from scan results in your bug tracker. Whenever you kick off a scan to verify your fixes, Checkmarx will update and close the related ticket automatically.

Scan Smarter

Find out what the industry’s most flexible and frictionless solution can do for you.
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