AppSec Program Methodology & Assessment

AppSec Program Methodology & Assessment

Even with the most advanced technology, you need careful planning and execution if you want enterprise-grade security results. Our world-class Checkmarx APMA™ Framework will help your devs spend less time fixing and more time coding.

AppSec Program Methodology

Built to be agile and pragmatic, the APMA methodology includes a maturity assessment and framework structure. We’ll assess your AppSec program’s current maturity state and then recommend, discuss, and agree on a target state. Using our framework structure, we’ll provide a roadmap and specific actionable steps to get you there. We’ll recommend best practices in key AppSec program areas, customizable to your needs. Finally, we’ll work with you in an agile manner across several sprints to reach your target state—usually within a matter of weeks.

AppSec Program Framework

Based on our breadth of experience, and in collaboration with industry-standard frameworks such as OWASP SAMM, we’ve devised a framework that includes strategic, governance, tactical/process, operational, infrastructure, and planning aspects. We’ve reduced the framework to the pragmatic core components of an AppSec program for modern development organizations that are following today’s Agile and DevOps development methodologies.

AppSec Program Maturity Assessment

To create a perfect AppSec program, you need to know what and where your gaps are so you can close them. Our APMA Framework helps you quickly assess the maturity of your AppSec program, identify gaps, and take our recommended steps to improve your security posture.

You can quickly and easily conduct our AppSec methodology self-assessment to get a high-level view, or you can engage one of our AppSec advisors to perform a more detailed expert review.

See How Our Consultative Approach Adds Value

Wherever you are on your AppSec journey, our experts will help you get the most out of your security investment.
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