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Checkmarx Codebashing™ is the AppSec training platform developers actually enjoy. Our just-in-time, targeted, gamified lessons cover exactly what devs need to know, when they need to know it.

AppSec Training by Developers for Developers

Interactive, Gamified Learning

Say goodbye to training days and hello to training minutes with snackable lessons that fit your schedule. Wear a hacker’s hat and find the exploits in real time.

Whether it’s architecting a new system on a whiteboard, writing the code, or debugging an error, software engineering is all about collaborating and combining creativity and logic to solve problems. Traditional classroom training to enhance secure coding skills may give developers solid information, but it provides little opportunity for them to actively engage and learn how to apply the principles to their work.

Codebashing takes an entirely different approach. It gives developers focused lessons that allow them to identify and resolve vulnerabilities and security concerns in an environment that simulates the real world. They can access and complete interactive, five-minute modules on demand, which allows them to manage their time and optimize it for productivity and learning.

Hands-on training, like that provided by Codebashing, helps developers apply what they learn to their daily tasks. Codebashing also takes this a step further by incorporating elements of gamification into the learning process. Not only will your developers learn important information faster, but they’ll also have fun in the process.


Connecting Training to Work

Link from your scan results directly to a specific lesson so you can remediate issues right away with guidance that’s keyed directly to your code.

It’s important to connect training to the work that engineers do every day. In addition to providing gamified, interactive training modules, Checkmarx also offers an integration that connects our SAST solution directly to Codebashing. Let’s take a look at an example of this helpful integration in action.

Imagine that a newer developer completes a coding assignment and checks it into the project repository for testing and review. Checkmarx SAST notifies the developer that the new code exposes a vulnerability for a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. In the past, the developer would have been responsible for knowing what could cause that vulnerability and also for researching different ways to remove it.

If you integrate our SAST and Codebashing solutions, however, the system will notify the developer about the vulnerability. It will then direct them to resources that explain the problem, providing practical training to learn more about how and why hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities. Finally, the developer will also receive practical guidance on remediating the problem and securing the new code. The net result is a strong improvement in the developer’s skills and knowledge retention as well as a reduction in the time needed to address vulnerabilities.


Keeping Training Fresh

Codebashing teaches devs how to securely and proactively code as part of a modern, integrated AppSec awareness program.

Importantly, application security and security training are constantly evolving. Not only do developers need to be familiar with standard approaches to securing applications, they also need to stay current with strategies for handling new challenges. Software languages, packages, and frameworks change all the time, as do the techniques of malicious actors trying to compromise your systems.

Codebashing helps developers stay current with the latest trends in application security, and lets managers track their progress through the platform. Developers receive periodic reminders about training, tips about best practices and guidelines, as well as announcements and updates about trends in the industry.

Application security training should not be a once-a-year event. Developing secure code requires constant vigilance and awareness, and continuous training with the lessons and utilities provided by Codebashing will help maintain and improve your development teams’ skills

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