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Checkmarx's Next Gen-SAST Engine Gives You Both Speed & Security

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Checkmarx One

Static Application
Security Testing (SAST)  

Checkmarx’ next-generation SAST combines both speed and security to improve your developer experience – with up to 90% faster scans and 80% lower false positives.

What makes the Checkmarx SAST Solution Different?

There’s no need to choose between code scan speed and security in a single solution. Get the best of both worlds by streamlining your security testing while also securing mission-critical enterprise applications.

Adaptive Vulnerability Scanning

Scans quickly to find the most relevant results, while also identifying maximum risk for mission-critical applications.

Best Fix Location 

Get at the root of a vulnerability. This allows you to identify the best place to fix one line of code and remediate multiple vulnerabilities at once, for the greatest impact.

AI Query Builder 

Use the power of Generative AI to better tune your SAST and improve result fidelity. AI Query Builder generates new, and customizes existing, queries to better tailor searches. No previous knowledge required.

AI Security Champion

Generative AI recommends how to remove vulnerabilities in your application. AI Guided Remediation explains the vulnerability and how to remediate it.

Scan Uncompiled Code

Checkmarx SAST scans on check-in, directly from source code repositories including GitHub, GitLab, Azure, and Bitbucket, allowing it to integrate directly into your SDLC.

Wide language and framework coverage 

Checkmarx SAST supports over 35 languages and 80 language frameworks, from the newest to legacy languages, promoting multi-platform development.

With Checkmarx SAST, You’re In Charge

Avoid a false sense of security with thorough, customizable scans that reduce noise 
and prevent vulnerable code getting to production.

Solutions that build #DevSecTrust

Checkmarx SAST is trusted by enterprises around the world to empower their entire organization to create innovative and secure applications.

Ultra-fast Speed, Unparalleled Security

Get the best of both worlds. Discover the most relevant results quickly or take a deep dive into your mission critical apps. Secure your entire application footprint while fostering a better developer experience.

PrioritizeYour Findings With Accurate Results

Avoid false positives and false negatives with custom presets and queries, while receiving optimization guidance from our professional services experts, who will guide you every step of the way.

Develop Secure Applications Easily

Meet your developers where they are. Checkmarx SAST seamlessly integrates directly into developers preferred work environment, which allows them to see where and how to fix vulnerable code.

Save Time Fixing Vulnerabilities

Remediate vulnerabilities faster by only scanning the changed code. There’s no need to rescan an entire application every time.

Manage,Triage, and Fix Vulnerabilities Faster

Improved analytics and dashboards provide a holistic view of your AppSec posture, ensuring stakeholder alignment. Slice and dice the data to quickly spot anomalies and efficiently analyze vulnerabilities.


What Our Customers Say

Customers who chose Checkmarx over others

“Checkmarx One definitely checks all my boxes from a security standpoint and has a great interface that’s engaging and easy to use. Some of the solutions we considered were more complicated. With Checkmarx One, it’s easy to get right to the problem with little to no learning curve.”

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"Checkmarx’s execution is impressive; it’s brought all the products under one cloud platform"

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"By Far The Best AppSec Tooling Decision We Have Made!!"

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"We were thrilled to find Checkmarx, which helped us improve the SLA for identifying and remediating risk, reduce risk and the number of vulnerabilities, and eliminate high- and meduim-risk issues."

Ubirajara Aguiar Jr.

Tech Lead, Red Team/DevSecOps


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"Checkmarx made security team and developers life easier."

Security Analyst

IT Services


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkmarx’ SAST tool is part of the Checkmarx One platform. This allows a complete enterprise application security program to run on a single platform, reducing total cost of ownership and allowing for correlation and better actionable insights.


The Checkmarx One platform includes:

  • SAST
  • DAST
  • SCA
  • SCS
  • API Security
  • IaC Security
  • Container Security

Checkmarx SAST supports over 50 programming languages and 80 development frameworks out-of-the-box. The full list of supported languages and frameworks is listed in our documentation.

Professional Services can help accelerate value faster. This starts with our AppSec Program Methodology & Assessment (APMA) Framework, which helps provide actionable steps to improve your AppSec maturity.


Professional Services can also help you optimize your solution to focus on finding exploitable vulnerabilities, as well as providing training, managed services, and more to be a partner in your AppSec journey.

You can explore all Checkmarx’ documentation on the documentation page.

CxSAST is on-premises, while Checkmarx One is our enterprise cloud-native platform.


Both CxSAST and SAST on Checkmarx One use the same SAST engine.

Find Critical Vulnerabilities In Your Applications

Checkmarx SAST shows you exactly what critical vulnerabilities to fix, and gives you the flexibility to create and deliver secure applications.


What CISOs say about Checkmarx

Customers who chose Checkmarx over others


PCL Construction

PCL Construction

PCL Construction

“With Checkmarx One, it’s easy to get right to the problem with little to no learning curve”


Joel Godbout

Manager, Cybersecurity and Networking | CISSP

Checkmarx One: The Enterprise Cloud-Native Application Security Platform

Checkmarx One delivers a full suite of enterprise AppSec solutions in a unified, cloud-based platform that allows enterprises to secure their applications from the first line of code to deployment in the cloud.

Get everything your enterprise needs to integrate AppSec across every stage of the SDLC and build a successful AppSec program.


Correlate multi-engine scans automatically to prioritize finding and fixing business-critical vulnerabilities

Learn more about Checkmarx SAST

Find out how Checkmarx SAST helps organizations prioritize and fix vulnerabilities faster.

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