The Global Codebashing AppSec Training Initiative by Checkmarx and OWASP

Professionals in any profession need to train. The more training you do, the better you’ll get. This is relevant to any profession, and Application Security (Appsec) is no exception. This is why Checkmarx and OWASP are thrilled to announce the Global Codebashing Appsec Training Initiative, which will provide all OWASP members around the world access to Codebashing - Checkmarx’ Appsec Training platform.

The importance of Appsec is very well recognized in the software and security worlds. Organizations from all verticals must secure their software applications and need to start from the first line of code, and as a part of the software development process.

It is the responsibility of all organizations – big and small, regardless of industry - to educate their staff on best practices in AppSec and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity training is not a “one size fits all” but requires organizations to provide the right training to their employees, and the training needs to relate to the responsibilities and job functions of the specific responsibilities of the employees.It’s important to recognize that different employees require different training programs. General security awareness programs are not enough for AppSec professionals and software developers. Codebashing was built to meet AppSec professionals and developers where they are.  

This joint initiative by Checkmarx and OWASP comes to play in parallel with the recent publication in the US by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which published the updated 2.0 version of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF 2.0), along with the NIS2 regulation (EU) that go into effect in October 2024. Both regulations rely on cybersecurity training as a condition for compliance.

Codebashing is a toolbox that allows companies to tailor, run, and manage a training program based on their specific needs and goals. It also allows developers to consume micro-content on their own timeline and at their own pace, without disrupting their workflow. 

OWASP, as a community, have been leaders in the AppSec world since the beginning, and this new initiative will allow members to continue to advance their knowledge and expertise – so they can continue to be leaders for years to come. 

By making AppSec training accessible, Checkmarx is truly securing the applications that are driving our world. 

Thank you to Andew van der Stock, Executive Director of OWASP, and to all the people at Checkmarx who have been instrumental at making this partnership come to life!

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