Case Study Highlights Cdiscount

Case Study Highlights

Cdiscount Matures Its AppSec Program
With Actionable Guidance From Checkmarx APMA

As the French e-commerce website rapidly expands, Cdiscount receives the roadmap needed to scale its AppSec program

Founded in France, Cdiscount is one of the country’s leading e-commerce companies. Cdiscount employs Checkmarx SAST and SCA but wanted to further mature its AppSec program. To do so, Cdiscount decided to try the Checkmarx AppSec maturity assessment, APMA.




Bordeaux, France

Checkmarx Solutions

a blueprint for AppSec maturity

Maximized return
on investment

confidence in AppSec program

The Need

Turn AppSec scans into actionable intel

A roadmap with actionable insights to maximize its current AppSec program which consisted of Checkmarx SAST for source code analysis and SCA to track, assess, and remediate open source vulnerabilities.

The Solution

APMA assessment to inform best practices and next steps

Cdiscount elected to participate in the Checkmarx AppSec Program Methodology & Assessment (APMA) framework. Checkmarx APMA is designed to assess the current state of an enterprise AppSec program and provide specific, actionable steps needed to advance the program.

The Results

Cdiscount immediately benefited from the APMA interview itself, which required it to look inward at the AppSec tools and processes in place and the efficiency of the development and AppSec teams. Reviewing the maturity level of the different components of the APMA methodology helped Cdiscount draft the blueprint of what a good AppSec program at Cdiscount would look like.

The gap analysis, which identified the steps needed to move from the current state to the desired state of maturity, allowed Cdiscount to understand how to optimize the implementation of the recommendations advised by the APMA team. This led to two main benefits. First, it helped Cdiscount maximize its ROI. Second, by achieving its desired state of AppSec maturity, Cdiscount gained added confidence that it’s providing the safest and highest quality services to its customers.

“The APMA methodology elevated the discussion to the overall spectrum of an AppSec program and zoomed out from the day-to-day discussion that usually is driven by a tactical or operational issue to fix.”

Christophe Piquet

AppSec Manager | Cdiscount

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