Case Study Highlights Trade Van

Case Study Highlights

Trade-Van Significantly Improves Time to Market With
the Easy-to-Use Checkmarx One Platform

The Taiwan-based enterprise reduces scan time from 48 hours to three to five minutes


Trade-Van is a spin-off of CCAPP, responsible for continuing CCAPP duties while also developing state-of-the-art technology and providing network services. Given that Trade-Van’s projects house sensitive data, it turned to Checkmarx for a source code scanning tool.


Financial Services




Galaxy Software Service

Checkmarx Solutions

4 hours

to onboard
Checkmarx One

4.4 million

lines of code
scanned weekly

21+ applications

scanned every

The Need

AppSec tool to secure its development life cycle

Trade-Van realized the importance of securing its software development life cycle (SDLC) and implemented a policy, “never launch without source code inspection.” Trade-Van’s internal developers were initially tasked with manual code reviews; however, due to a large number of applications and software updates, Trade-Van quickly realized that the only way to ensure a secure SDLC was to adopt a source code scanning tool.

The Solution

Checkmarx SAST for its fast and incremental scans

After prudent evaluations, Trade-Van selected Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (SAST) for its source code scanning solution. With the execution of a proof of concept, it was confirmed that Checkmarx is not only faster than competitors but also allows for incremental scans. Checkmarx SAST can be automated and integrated into developers existing tools and processes and it can generate reports according to international regulatory requirements such as OWASP Top 10, OWASP Mobile Top 10, SANS Top 25, PCI DSS, etc.

The Results

Since launching Checkmarx SAST, Trade-Van is able to conduct scans at a much faster pace. Instead of taking up to 48 hours to conduct one scan, it now takes three to five minutes.

Trade-Van is able to meet compliance and policy requirements with ease. By setting regulatory and criticality-based flaw policies, Trade-Van receives alerts from Checkmarx when updates are required to remain compliant with specified regulations or when a flaw meets its criticality threshold.

There’s no longer a need for developers to stagger developments due to a low-efficiency scanning tool. They can scan as frequently as needed — significantly improving time to deployments.

With AppSec scans integrated and automated into developers’ existing tools and processes, and with scan times significantly reduced, developers are seeing AppSec in a favorable light instead of as a potential bottleneck. In fact, Trade-Van developers have been actively addressing errors and working on how to avoid repeating mistakes.

“During 2011 and 2012, we actively assessed other source code scanning tools. It wasn’t until GSS introduced Checkmarx that we knew we found the right fit.”

Ming-Sheng Chiu

Deputy Manager of the Quality Assurance Centre | Trade-Van

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