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The Biggest 10 Cybersecurity Acquisitions Of 2020 (So Far)
June 25, 2020

Technology titans, private equity goliaths and platform security powerhouses spent more than $8.5 billion on the year's top cybersecurity acquisitions, placing big bets on securing applications and IoT devices as well as risk and compliance. Read More

Open Source Kitchen: A Recipe for Security Success
June 24, 2020

Checkmarx's Steven Zimmerman provides a cookbook analogy for open source security. Read More

How to Secure Software in a DevOps World
June 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the world has made a growing number of people realize how many of our everyday activities depend on software. Read More

Critical Security Breach Discovered in Drupal
June 21, 2020

A critical security breach has been uncovered on Drupal, the online content management platform. The breach was exposed by the Israeli Checkmarx personnel. Read More

Drupal Plugs Duo of Critical Security Flaws in Open Source CMS
June 19, 2020

Patch now to remedy CSRF and remote code execution bugs. Read More

Niche Dating App User Data Found Exposed on Misconfigured Cloud Instance
June 15, 2020

Matt Rose of Checkmarx tells SiliconANGLE that the breach is likely the result of a simple configuration error. Read More

CxSCA Helps Fix Open Source Vulnerabilities
June 10, 2020

Checkmarx SCA (CxSCA) is a new SaaS solution for software composition analysis. It uses Checkmarx analysis and automation technologies and identifies or prioritizes vulnerabilities in open source code. Read More

Microsoft Patches Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Windows
June 9, 2020

Microsoft’s security updates for June 2020 patch 129 vulnerabilities, including 11 critical remote code execution flaws affecting Windows, the Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, and SharePoint. Read More

Checkmarx Accelerates Fixing Open Source Vulnerabilities
June 8, 2020

New software composition analysis solution (SCA) enables to detect and correct critical vulnerabilities at an earlier stage. Read More

Cooking up Secure Code: A Foolproof Recipe for Open Source
June 4, 2020

It is always important to acknowledge that there is no silver bullet when it comes to software security, and open source is no exception. Read More

Checkmarx SCA: New SaaS-Based Solution
June 2, 2020

Checkmarx announced the launch of Checkmarx SCA (CxSCA), the company’s new, SaaS-based software composition analysis solution. Read More

Checkmarx Accelerates Vuln Remediation for Open Source
June 2, 2020

CxSCA harnesses Checkmarx’s best-in-class automation capabilities to enable developers to find, prioritize, and remediate critical open source vulnerabilities earlier and faster. Read More

SDTimes News Digest: Checkmarx SCA
June 2, 2020

CxSCA is a new SaaS-based software composition analysis solution that leverages the company’s source code analysis and automation capabilities. Read More

Octopus Scanner Sinks Tentacles into GitHub Repositories
June 2, 2020

At least 26 different open-source code repositories were found to be infected with an unusual attack on the open-source software supply chain. Read More

Checkmarx Execs: Positive Momentum Drove Acquisition During COVID-19
May 27, 2020

Checkmarx's CEO speaks with tech blogger Hillel Fuld about the company's $1.15 billion acquisition in a live event organized by Startup Grind. Read More

Will Americans Opt In or Out of COVID-19 Contact Tracing?
May 22, 2020

Results from a Checkmarx study reveal consumers won't easily share their personal information with tracing apps due to concern for misuse. Read More

Device Owners Demand Opt-Out Power From COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps
May 21, 2020

To encourage widespread acceptance of Bluetooth-based COVID-19 contact tracing applications, Checkmarx research finds that developers should allow consumers to opt out of data sharing at any time. Read More

Apple, Google Delivered COVID-19 Tracing Tech – Will Users Share Data?
May 21, 2020

About 48% of those participating in a survey by Checkmarx say they are either unlikely or will refuse to opt-in to COVID-19 contact-tracing apps. Read More

Morning Cybersecurity Newsletter – Skepticism of Tracing
May 21, 2020

New Checkmarx research finds that nearly half of Americans are unlikely to, or will refuse to, opt-in to COVID-19 contact tracing apps. Read More

MSSP Alert Newsletter: May 21, 2020
May 21, 2020

Exclusive Networks ME has announced its partnership with Checkmarx, a software security solutions firm for DevOps. Read More

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