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We’re security experts and cyber gurus. 
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Our mission is to help companies
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We’re securing the world, one code commit at a time. We make developers’ lives easier and their applications more secure in the widest range of languages and formats, and with the most advanced tech stack in the industry. We exist to make the world a safer place, and to give back to the regions and communities we serve.

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We're the Application Security Testing leader.​

Our Culture

In-person or remote, Checkmarx has a remarkable culture.

With seven offices across 23 countries, we’re a truly global team. We come from an impressively wide range of backgrounds, and we celebrate diversity in our employees and offices around the world.

As the Application Security Testing market leader, our technology is second to none, but we know it’s really our people who make us great. At Checkmarx, you’ll be able to learn, test, fail and innovate with the resources and support that you need. Bring your true self and join us!

Our Core Values

Our values are our foundation and inform how we treat
our customers, employees, and partners.

Transparent and Curious

We’re smart, and aren’t afraid to question authority to solve problems, fix bugs, or eliminate roadblocks. Lifelong learners, we’re always looking for the next obstacle to overcome and the next batch of code to commit.

Collaborative and Respectful

We’re a company of globally diverse team players who work together across time zones and titles with respect and without drama. We succeed together when we can be ourselves, be heard and empowered, and do our most innovative work.

Passionate and Accountable

We’re enthusiastic self-starters, taking action, standing behind the work we do, and driving the company forward. We understand the company’s mission and are proud to be Checkmarx ambassadors.

Always Striving for Excellence

We’ve got a lot of firsts under our belt, and are comfortable disrupting the market and embracing change. We handle tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment. We have no problem shattering expectations, celebrating our achievements, and then heading to the beach or the slopes for some well-earned downtime.

Company Perks

Exceptional Remote Work Flexibility
Our employees are happiest working where and how they want to work. We don’t just pay lip service to remote work opportunities; we fully support our remote workers all over the world with the tools they need to succeed.
Company-Wide International Offsite

In normal (non-pandemic) years, we pick a world-class destination and send the entire company there to get to know each other, talk a little business, and have a lot of fun. It’s one of the many fantastic reasons you’ll enjoy being a Checkmarx employee.


Generous Vacation Policy

Unlike many of our competitors, Checkmarx employees enjoy a great deal of actual, tangible time off each year, in addition to official bank and government holidays. We work hard, but we’re serious about taking the time we need to relax and recharge.

Great Culture and Great People

Having an amazing culture is one of the things that truly sets Checkmarx apart. When we say we have great people, we mean it. Our employees are not only brilliant and talented, they’re equally nice, welcoming, and friendly.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits
We know that our employees are our greatest asset. We want the best people in their field, so we make a point of offering outstanding salary and benefits packages.
Ample Volunteering Opportunities
We want to be ideal corporate citizens. And we’re serious about giving back to the communities we serve. We encourage our employees to volunteer time both during and after work hours.

Global Career Opportunities


Don’t take our word for it.  Hear from our employees, customers, partners, and investors about what sets Checkmarx apart.

Amazing Company

The growth and potential here is tremendous…the main benefit is the culture and the consistent training the company provides.

Glassdoor Review
Checkmarx Employee

Keeps Being A Top Player in the Industry!

The team at Checkmarx has been amazing and provided us with all the support needed to get setup and running quick.

Gartner Peer Reviews
Checkmarx Customer

Game Changer

Even before we invested in Checkmarx in 2015, we have been continuously impressed by the leadership to come out of this team of game changers and innovators.

Richard Wells
Insight Partners Managing Director

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A Dynamic Workplace, Brilliant Colleagues, and Ample Growth Opportunities

If you’d like to join our rapidly growing team of passionate, diverse, fun people around the world, talks to us and let’s see how we can help you on your journey.

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